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Attend a human towers rehearsal with the Castellers de Barcelona Free entrance for children below 5 years old
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  • Adress Carrer Bilbao 212
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    Castellers de Barcelona we were founded in 1969 by people from the so-called "traditional area" of casteller (human towers) world. From the first castells of 6 storeys we have maintained a constant evolution with castells of 7 storeys to 8 storey (4 of 8 achieved in 1981) and 9 storeys (4 of 9 with folre achieved in 1998).

    We have had performances in many places of Catalonia and beyond (Paris, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Marseille, Carcassonne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Copenhagen, San Sebastián, Madrid, Pamplona, Seville, Zurich, Antwerp ...) and have participated in some historical events (Barcelona Olympics 1992, swimming championships Barcelona 2013).

    Nowadays we train three days a week at a space specially designed to make castells where, with a minimum of silence and concentration, anyone can participate and "fer pinya".